About Mollier d.o.o. Celje

The beginnings of the company take us back to 1990, when, in a way, with the help of nature, our business journey began. Celje was hit by a major flood at the time. There was no one who knew how to rehabilitate and drain, dehumidify apartments, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, warehouses, garages and other facilities professionally and with the most modern equipment. Our knowledge and experience in the field of thermodynamics have connected us with a Swiss company that has been successfully solving moisture problems in construction and industry for more than eight decades. We started to drain and succeeded.

We chose the name of the company after the German Richard Mollier, a mathematician, physicist and engineer who gained world fame with his contribution on the development of technical thermodynamics and his diagram. Drainage, heating and air conditioning, and the supply, installation and servicing of medical equipment were our first step into the environment, but not our last. We started disinfecting infectious waste in 1995. We trained professionally and technologically, we developed excellent logistics for the collection of special hazardous waste.

The construction of its own office building, where business premises, a warehouse for medical equipment and consumables, a service workshop for medical instruments, apparatus and diagnostic equipment, a service workshop for air conditioners, dehumidification and heating devices and relocation in 2000, made an important contribution to business development.

Each subsequent business year had a characteristic effect on the development of the company, the expansion of activities and services, and the optimization of operations. An extremely important milestone for the company was the year 2016, when the management of the family business was successfully taken over by the younger generation.

Our professional and business challenge, to which we are encouraged by the development and results so far, has been and remains human health and a healthy environment, as we want to be among the bearers of sustainable development and quality implementers of the agreed environmental policy in Slovenia.

At Mollier, a strong tradition and always fresh ideas are richly intertwined, with which we respond quickly to development opportunities and current needs, wishes and requirements of the business world.

Our business is based on clearly set goals, hard work, high motivation, good business relationships, responsibility, proactivity, professional and technical-technological skills, efficiency, flexibility and quality, which we confirm every year with numerous references and international certificates.